How Do I know My Ad Was Placed?

Nationwide Newspapers makes every attempt to see that your ad is placed. Your are given an email confirmation once the ad is placed. Nationwide Newspapers attempts to verify every ad placed through online verification, tearsheets, and billing info. However, we cannot guarantee 100% placement of all ads, particularly in network group buys, due to human error, individual policies of papers not being able to accept certains types of ads, etc. If we find that an ad was not published, your account will be adjusted or credited for the amount of the ad in individual newspapers.

Most groups or advertising networks and statewide advertising networks will only guarantee placement in 90% of the newspapers, in case some of the newspapers may have a policy of not running certain types of ads. There is an additional charge for tearsheets for most papers. We can normally get an Affidavit of Publication and a couple of sample tear sheets from the networks to show the ad was placed in their networks.

We have very little problems with papers not publishing ads. But, mistakes can sometimes occur due to human error. It is in the best interest of the papers to publish all ads in order to get repeat business. Newspapers are removed from our database if they continually fail to publish an ad or make good on any ad placed.